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Dear Erich,
we are safely back home. The trip to Uyuni remains unforgetable. We would like to thank you for having organized perfectly well our privat trip to the Bolivien Lagoons and the Salar de Uyuni. We saw everything as promised in the program. You were a very dedicated and knowledgable guide paying much attention to our personal wishes and needs. We also appreciated the care you took to to prepare the excellent lunch meals and for having selected good quality hotels. Last but not least we appreciate so much all the beautiful pictures you made during the trip and for having given them to us as a farawell gift. Truly nice of you.
We wanted to stop at your office after the trip to north Chile to thank you once more and to report on the road conditions up there. Surprisingly, we had to learn that Knowchile has no office anymore in San Pedro de Atacama and Cactus was closed. The road along the coast to Iquique is new and in an excellent condition, but no nice place to stay for a night. From Iquique to Arica nothing to be seen twice. The road to lago Chungara gets nicer the higher it is above sea level. The Hotel Terrace Lodge in Putre was a real treat. New, clean, in the green, a good shower, quiet, nice owners and cheaper than you would expect if related to comparable
housings in that area. You can recomend it to everybody. Unfortunately they have only a few rooms. The dirt raod from Putre to Quallatiri is wide and in an excellent condition, probably well maintained by a mining company. The river after that village is now crossed by a bridge, so no problem to get through. The Salar de Surire is wonderful, we drove all around it. On its south side are hot springs where one could take a bath. Therafter, south of the Salar, the road to Colchane is rougher, narrower and attention must be paid to some holes. It would be at the limit for a 2 wheel driven car, namely because of sandy passages. We did not go all the way into Colchane but about 30 km more north took a short cutsouth west to see the village of Mauque. The international road to Iquique has spectacular scenary in the mountains. We wish you all the best and thank you for having organized for us the Lagoons and Salar Tour in SW Bolivia. An unforgettable great and nice experience